About Us

The BU Zoo is not just a student group, it is a movement- a movement toward school spirit, camaraderie among classmates, and an energy level that will be felt for generations to come.

The BU Zoo was founded in 2013 by Andrew Loso and Ben Ramos, in an effort to increase school spirit and pride at Binghamton University. Our main focus has always been the building and revitalization of the student cheering section at basketball games. However, we are a supporter of all of the athletic teams on campus and are present in the stands for their games as well.

Our goal is achieved through setting a trend of an exciting atmosphere at the games, and by doing so, creating a precedent that the games are an enjoyable experience, and one that will become a staple of a Binghamton student’s life. We also achieve this goal through marketing and free giveaways, most notably the more and more prevalent BU Zoo T-Shirt.

We also have had and will continue to have a presence at other various sports events on campus. We hope that in time there will be a “Zoo” presence at almost every Bearcats home game, and that a Zoo shirt will be part of every proud Binghamton student’s wardrobe.

Stay in touch for information about games, how to score t-shirts, and how to get involved.

Tradition Starts Now!

The BU Zoo on ESPN3 during the 2013-14 Men's Basketball season (Via ESPN3)
The BU Zoo on ESPN3 during the 2013-14 Men’s Basketball season (Via ESPN3)

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